Graveside Funeral Services

Selecting a graveside service meets the needs of families who need to view the body to gain closure and begin healing, and wish to avoid the formality associated with a traditional funeral service.

A graveside service includes:

  • Public or Private Visitation – Includes use of our family reception room
  • Graveside Rites and Committal

The cost of a graveside service will vary depending on the type of funeral merchandise selected. Our commitment to all families is to offer graveside services that will create lasting impressions; we offer personalized care at prices you can afford.

Other Information

A graveside option begins with a visitation. It has been proven that viewing the embalmed body in a peaceful state during visitation makes it easier for family and friends to say goodbye and gain closure. Private time is reserved for family before the public visitation. Floral arrangements, photographs, personal mementos and other special items are used to spark memories and pay honor to the life lived. Generally, visitations last for two to six hours the day before the graveside rites. Our family reception room offers a place to gather and spend time with those who have come to share in your loss.

Families gather at the grave site where a brief ceremony is held to honor the memory of the deceased. Prayers and remarks are said before final goodbyes are made.

Most families choose to have a luncheon reception after the services at the cemetery. This is an informal gathering where families greet those in attendance. These luncheon receptions are held at the funeral home, church, community building or a restaurant. Our family reception room is an option selected by many families. Meals can be catered to suit every taste and budget.